CoNfEtTi FrIdAy: November 13th – November 19th (2010)

The Lola Burger & Apple Pie Bacon Milkshake at B-Spot

C Jones Books & Tea on Coventry… They have an excellent herbalist who works there and can suggest teas for you to try based on what your looking for. They have tea bags and loose tea including root teas. I also bought an excellent pair of mukluks 🙂

Naps between work and rehearsal

Rehearsals. Its a love hate relationship. I never want to go but when I get there I am happy. I love performing. If you live in the Cleveland area you really need to come and see me 🙂

Peppermint Mocha creamer

Cold apartment late night photo shoots

Schemin’ & daydreamin’

Watching tv with the Hub after a long day at work and rehearsal.

Method Cinnamon Stick hand soap

The Hub making the bed everyday… I LOVE THIS!!!

My Cetaphil face wash. It has fixed my horrible winter dry skin problem that had already reared its ugly head.

My human heart shapped jello mold. It was perfect and ridiculously realistic!

Coco Sumner & her band I Blame Coco! I love the song Self Machine and I have downloaded a couple others that I am really digging. She sounds just like her father… it’s crazy!

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