Halloween Revisted…

Halloween season is offically over. I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness, but mostly I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Our costumes this year were AWESOME.

Earlier in the summer we went to see The Marx brothers movie series at the Cinematheque.  I had seen Duck Soup the year before and was kinda luke warm about the Marx Brothers in general. Too be completely honesty they kinda creeped me out. I pictured them the way some people picture clowns. Happy on the outside and miserable on the inside. Which is why I find most clowns and for short time the Marx Brothers depressing. I used to joke that my favorite Marx brother was Karl. (A little communist humor). However as the summer  went on and I saw more of the films, I really grew to love the Marx Brothers… it almost felt like they were part of my family. I developed a hardy crush on Harpo, so much so that Lady Linzi made me a necklace with a harp charm.

So when we were coming up with possible costumes for Halloween it seemed the Marx Brother were the perfect choice. One problem, my husband’s beard. None of the Marx brothers had beards.  And having him shave it was just not a option. At least not an option I was willing to entertain.  Then the idea struck me. My idea was this: We would go as Groucho, Harpo, & Karl Marx. As luck would have it Karl had a full and quite bushy beard. So we all agreed. Lady Linzi would be Groucho, I would of course be Harpo and the Hub would be Karl. Sure we all felt guilty for leaving out Chico, but we did a shot for him that night “ To Chico, you are not represented, but you are not forgotten.”


After a head full of curlers, a bottle of white hair color spray, a few trips to the thrift store and a copy of the Communist Manifesto we emerged to look like this:

 I love Halloween. It is the one time of the year when it is exceptable for freaks like me to be who we are the other 364 days a year :).  I love creating a costume (store bought is for the birds) and being someone else for the night. And when you pick a costume and you nail it… there is no better feeling.

I was really lucky growing up. I had an artist mother who was intense about making my costumes. All the costumes of me pictured below were hand made by mother from scratch. I always got the good candy. I leave you with some of my Halloween costumes from days of yore.

Me in kindergarten... I was a generic queen

Generic queen at school Halloween parade

Glenda the Good Witch 1st grade at the Halloween Parade

50's girl (my sister in back), Cinderelle (Linzi's sister Sarah on the left), Sleeping beauty (Linzi center), and Maleficent (Me on right...I think this was my favorite...that head peice was totallly hand made!)

Me at the school Halloween Parade can't remember what grade... but my mom made the cherry blossoms by hand using tissue paper!

Fast forwarding to college:Hedwig, from Hediwg and the Angry Inch.

My one time store bought costume... I felt guilty so I made zig zag lines through all the hearts and volia...Queen of Broken Hearts

Me & the Hub as Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus....sorry no pics of the tenticals... but they were awesome!


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