A DIY project for Halloween & beyond

It’s been a while since I did a DIY project. So I thought I would brew up a Halloween inspired one. A couple years ago Bust Magazine did a DIY of this same project, but mine as you will see is WAY cheaper. Their project was a replica of an art piece  entitled “For The Love Of God” by Damien Hirst. The real version by Mr Hirst is a platinum cast of an 18th century human skull aquired at a taxidermy store. The platinum skull is covered in 1,106.8 carats worth of diamonds and has real human teeth. The piece sold for 100 million dollars by an anonymous constortium. It cost about 21 million pounds to make.

The real Hirst diamond skull "For the Love of God."

The BUST Magazine version used crystals and a plastic life size skull and  silver craft paint. Their version cost a much cheaper $138.00. That was still to much $$ for me so I bought a smaller skull ( that has some weight to it) and plastic gems and went to town. My version cost about 20 buckaroos. It’s not as gorgeous as the Hirst Skull, but it’s still pretty Rock n Roll. I plan on making another one in black and using them as book end on the floating shelf above my desk. Here’s what you need to do to make your own.


Weighted faux human skull

Silver craft paint

sponge paint brush

6 bags (180 count) of clear plastic gems

Elmers glue


Step 1. Paint your skull using the silver paint. Allow the skull to dry.

Step 2. To apply gems, I found the best and fastest way was to apply a long line of Elmers glue and then apply several gems using the tweezers. Repeat until entire skull is covered.

Words of advice: The surface of the skull is curvy and getting the gems close together can be tricky, but getting them as close together as they can be is the trick to making it look good. So while the glue is wet move the gems around slightly till you get them in the best possible location and applying several gems at a time is the best way to play around and find the best location of each gem.


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