Trick or Treat tunes

I find most Halloween sountracks to be boring. I mean sure I like the theme song from the Halloween movies and I can appreciate the kitchy awesomeness of Monster Mash, but I decided to put together a cd of “spooky” songs for Halloween that aren’t so typical. If you want a copiy for your self click on the zombie pin up girl below for the link.

1. Witch Hunt- Jack Off Jill
2. Haunted- Poe
3. While Men Were Sleeping- Jenny & Johny
4. Cinnamon Spider- Jack Off Jill
5.Secret- The Pierces
6.I Wanna Do Bad this to You- Jace Everette
7.I Put A Spell on You- Screaming Jay Hawking
8.This is Halloween- Marilyn Manson
9. Living Dead Giril- Rob Zombie
10. KIDdies- Self
11.Monster- Kayne West
12. Moster- Lady Ga Ga
13. Baby Dracula- Scarling.
14.Thriller- Michael Jackson

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