CoNfEtTi FrIdAy: October 16th – October 22

Last friday we went to Cleveland Public Theatre to see “Book of Grace” by Susan Lori Parks. This play is having its world premiere here in Cleveland, which I think is so cool. Actually CPT has a couple of world premieres this season and I find that to be really exciting. I am a “Special Agent” at Cleveland Public Theatre. I have a special code to give out to people so that they can get discounted tickets to their shows. So if you are interested in attending a show but can’t or don’t want to pay full price for the show use code: 107 and get your ticket for $10.00! If even $10.00 bucks is out of your price range, if you go to the theatre an hour before the show you can purchase a “pay as you can” ticket. You risk the show possibly selling out, but if you are low on cash and want to see a show it’s not a bad deal.

Brunch at Beachland Tavern. They “revamped.”  Truth be told I prefer the previous menu, but what I had was tasty and I am sure that we will return. The best part of course was, as it is with most brunch experiences, the company.

The book I’m reading ” Women Behaving Badly: True Tales of Cleveland’s Most Ferocious Female Killers.” Great book! I love stories of murder. I don’t know why. Fiction. Non fiction. I doesn’t matter. I just really like it. What I like about this book is that it covers murders committed by women that took place in Cleveland and the North East Ohio area during the early 1900-1952. It’s interesting to read about these people’s lives and realize that you know where they are talking about. Hell, in one of the stores a women hired some men from Little Italy to kill her husband. I live only a couple blocks from Little Italy, and even though that was 90 years ago, it’s still cool.

Taking my lunch and not buying (as many)  pops throughout the week. Man when I did the math on how much I spend on pop, I nearly fainted. Not to mention the Starbucks habit I had developed. I’m getting used to bringing my lunch, buying 2 liters and bringing my coffee, though it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. There are more important things to buy. Like tattoos. 🙂

Starting rehearsal- So excited about this show ( Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy With A Somewhat Happy Ending). I have a lot of fun roles ( including Monica Lewinsky!) it should be a blast to work on.

I finally met with my thesis committee so I have officially begun my thesis. I think this will be an awesome topic. It is a lot of pressure and I will be VERY happy when it is all done. It will discuss Tribal Marketing and its possible application in marketing for the Arts, including a case study on Vampire Cowboy Theatre Company in New York. : )

Craft mania last night. Last night I went craft wild. I covered my cork board with fabric so I can make an “inspiration board” and also have a space to pin important documents. I also made fabric covered button thumbtacks to go with the board. I made my vampire necklace ( the charm I bought on Etsy) and I started a craft project involving a skull and gems which I plan on using on a DIY project on this blog. Stay tuned. The DIY should be posted sometime this weekend 🙂

 Last week I made this… It is awesome

Having the crap scared out of me at Mansfield Reformatory’s Haunted House. HOLY CRAP that was the best haunted house ever. My jaw ached the next day and I had to take an 800mg ibuprofen to dull the pain.

I didn’t get to do a Confetti Friday last week, but I have to mention that some of the best things about that week were that my sister-in-law came to town and we went to all kinds of yummy places to eat and went to some fun events, like the art museum. This week I started my diet… and let me tell you,  it was a lot easier to do in August… I find Fall and all of its treats to be very difficult to resist. It has been fun though creating Fall inspired dishes to make that fall into the limitations of this diet. I have gotten VERY creative.

I am in love with Hard Candy’s eyeshadow product called ” Powder Keg” this product has a great applicator that helps the powder shadow go on smoothly. It comes in a nice spill proof bottle that is slender enough to stick in a make up bag. My favorite is “Dagger” but bought that one, Kryptonite, and Lockdown.


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