CoNfEtTi FrIdAy- 9/25/10-10/1/10

Ginormous Lash by Hard Candy in Mudslide- Seriously these best mascara ever.

This cartoon

-How freaking cute is this!

Being cast in a show- I got part of the Greek Chorus and Monica Lewinsky in “ Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy with a (Somewhat) Happy Ending.

5 hour energy drinks- They really work… like make you dance around the apartment and sing in the shower work

Singing in the shower

Jamming out to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing at work- It cures a sour mood.

Dinner parties with friends

Hearing people like my cooking

FINALLY getting my thesis topic approved.- The working title is “ We Came to Party: How Youth Subculture is Changing the Way We Experience Art.” It is a case study on Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School …

My iphone- it cures my boredom

Pandora on my iphone- Since I can’t add new MP3s to my MP3 player this comes in handy.

That La Bella Cupcake’s opening their store tomorrow- YUM! I will be a regular customer because their red velvet cupcakes are the best things I have ever tasted.

My new extreme Cats eye glasses… this Kittie Kat won’t be wearing anything else for a looooooooong time J

Chinese food- It’s the food of the gods

The changing leaves- It’s helping me deal with being back in Cleveland instead of Key West on vacation

Scenic drives- One of the best parts of being cast in this show is that it is in Chagrin Falls and the drive there is beautiful with the trees changing colors

Going to the ballet- I saw Verb Ballet’s Edgar Allen Poe inspired ballet ” The Myth and The Maddness of Edgar Allan Poe” tonight and it was wonderful. I’m not normally a dance person, but Verb Ballet is a perfect mash up of traditional ballet and scary modern dance 🙂

This awesome website Cut Out + Keep. It has a lot of fun projects including a cat sized pirate hat.

5 thoughts on “CoNfEtTi FrIdAy- 9/25/10-10/1/10

  1. I wouldn’t normally comment but…

    I HATE don’t stop Believing. I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I hate it even worse because people like it.

    Please reply back with an essay as to why on Earth this song could ever possibly be considered good.

    Here are your conditions:
    1.It must be in 5 paragraph essay format
    2.You must NOT mention any other Journey song. If this is their best song, and I hate it, then I hate everything else they’ve ever done too.
    3.Your conclusion must be that I am correct, and that the song does blow.
    4.Your final sentence must be “I’m sorry.”

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