CoNfEtTi FrIdAy: Summer edition


I have been MIA in the blog world because my computer had major problems, but now they have, hopefully, been resolved. Since I haven’t done a cOnFeTtI fRiDaY since the beginning of the summer I figured I would do a gigantic cOnFeTtI sUmMeR. A list of all the things that have made this summer awesome…

 World Cup– I managed to see all the USA games this year at our favorite pub, Parnells. I had my very first cry over a sport (when USA beat Algeria ) and I found some additional soccer boyfriends.

 3rd year anniversary– This year was our three year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been three year already. Time flys…

 Irish eye candy– This summer Parnells had a new cute Irish bartender… that is in addition to the original cute Irish bartender that owns the place. Morgan was in the states for the summer visiting his girlfriend. He had to go back to Ireland for school… He will be missed.

 Parades & festivals– This year is my fourth year of doing Parade the Circle and the Lakewood 4th of July Parade. This year I got to help my mom create the pieces for the parade and I was so excited to be a part of that.

 Thursday beach day– practically every Thursday this summer Lady Linzi and I made our way to the beach and it was glorious…I miss this badly…it’s enough to make me want to move to a place warm all year long… Key West comes to mind… but for now I will embrace the lovely Fall that approaches us and be glad that I can wear cardigans and cute berets…and boots.

 Scooters Dawg House– Scooters is this cute little ice cream/ hot dog hut on the way to the beach. We stopped there every Thursday to get dinner… even when I was on my diet… I got a salad even though it killed me…

 Iced coffee– Starbucks came out with an instance iced coffee from their Via series. It was brilliant! Really yummy. I recommend it.

 Skirts– I gave up on jeans for the summer and spent all but a few days of this year in a skirt. I finally bought new jeans and I’m happy to back.

 Visiting with family– Lisa came to visit in the beginning of the summer and I gained 5 lbs. We went to a million of Cleveland ’s best resturants. Yum. Then we went to visit Jimi’s family before we headed down to Key West . It was good to see everyone. My nephews have gotten so big and have such personalities!

 Watching tv shows made for people almost half my age– I also became obsessed with a new show on ABC Family (of all stations). The show is “Pretty Little Liars” and it is really good. I am totally addicted and can’t wait for the next season in January.

 The Marx Bros– This summer we went to the Cleveland Cinematheque for their Marx Bros film series. I started off not really digging them too much. The reason being that for some reason I saw them as these “clown” like guys who probably lived in misery… I couldn’t get that image out of my head… I still think this…much to the hub and Lady Linzi’s dismay… BUT I now LOVE them… (Harpo is clearly my boyfriend) After you keep watching their movies you start to see their personalities and they almost become like friends.

 Rainbow Sorbet– Whenever I would watch Pretty Little Liars I would break out my pint of Rainbow Sherbet and dig in. it’s so yummy.

 Road trip to Key West- I had wanted to go on a lot of roadies this summer, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. However I went on one roadie and it was awesome. There will be an upcoming blog about soon!

 Being bare foot– I’ve never been a big shoe girl. I own a lot… I guess not in comparison to other girls, but by my standards. However I only wear a couple different pairs…I prefer ballet flats or flip flops and I think it because it is the closest thing to being barefoot you can find.

 Marilyn Monroe inspired swimsuits– I bought this really cute black bathing suit that has a retro 50s-60s feel and it is cuuuuuuute. I wore it on our trip and I felt glamorous.

 My Dr. Pepper lunch box– I bought a retro inspired metal lunch box that says “ I’m a Pepper” across the front. I heart it.

 Dairy King– I only got to go a couple times but I am so happy that they have the chocolate soft serve with cherry dip like I used to have at my grandma’s in Massachusetts .

 Having my car fixed– I had postponed getting my car fixed because I was scared it would cost A LOT…but lucky for me one of my friend from work has a husband that fixes cars. He gave me a good deal and now my car is fixed…makes me happy not to hear my car squeak every time I break.

 Carmel Macchiato– This summer I discovered the carmel macchiato. YUMMY. It’s even better iced.

 Reading on my lunch– I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I really enjoyed going downstairs to Starbucks during my lunch and hide in the corner and read. I need to start back up again….after coming back from vacation I have been a bit crazed.

 Organizing my apartment– I managed to get my act mostly together before I left for vacation. Papers and closets and drawers were organized. And it has made a world of difference when I straighten up during the week.

 Bedroom Intruder song– I have had this song in my head for the entire summer. It will never gets old…I actually don’t think its as offensive as some people might…


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