Summer Mix 2010

So…I apparently disappeared from the blog world for a bit… it wasn’t intentional. It was mostly because my computer’s hard drive was crashing and causing my computer to shut off every 10-15 minutes… super annoying. In any case, that problem is now solved. I plan to be back to blogging on a more regular basis…I pretty much missed my blog’s birthday…so happy belated birthday blog! To celebrate I’ve created a summer mix… I’ve actually been waiting all summer to finish putting this together…so here it is.

1. In the Sun- She & Him: I chose this song because it is the perfect summer song. Every time I listen to She & Him I picture laying on my bed in a sea green 50’s style dress staring at pink Chinese paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling, day dreaming about love.

2. Far Away- Ingrid Michaelson: I love this song. It reminds of when I was a kid and I would visit my uncle on Martha’s Vineyard. If I could live anywhere besides Cleveland it would be on that island or Cape Cod. I love New England beaches. It’s such a beautiful simple life she describes it makes me want to leave my world behind and live a simpler exsitance.

3. Jack N’ Jill- Katie Herzig: This summer I’ve been obsessed with a show called Pretty Little Liars… It is a ridiculously awesome show that is totally made for someone almost half my age, but seriously it is soooo good. Anyway this song was featured on one of the episodes. This cute song starts of slow and builds to a catchy beat. It mentions summer and paints a sweat picture of young summer love.

4. One Kiss Don’t Make A Summer- Lucky Soul: This song was also featured on Pretty Little Lairs… it has a pretty awesome sound track and there are a lot of songs from that show on this cd. I like how it has that 60’s sound that is so popular again. It’s light and airy and sweet.

5. Summer Holiday & Me- The Jessica Fletchers: A few summers ago I found a band called The Jessica Fletchers… which was awesome because my favorite television show of all times is Murder She Wrote. So as I was trying to come up with some more songs I decided to see if The Jessica Fletchers had any summer related songs and low and behold… Summer Holiday & Me showed up. It was immediately added to the list.

6. Gold Dust Woman- Fleetwood Mac: This evening in the car Lady Linzi and she asked why I chose this song. There are a few reasons. 1) is that in May at the beginning of the “summer” we went to a friends birthday party and we listened to records. One of the records was a Fleetwood Mac album. 2) is because gold dust reminded me of an awesome tan… a tan I’d like to have. 3) Stevie Nicks always wore flowing gypsy skirts and this is the summer of the skirt. 😉

7. Break The Concrete- The Pretenders: Early this year I was watching an episode of House where Cudy was the main focus. They played this song in the beginning of the episode. It was really catchy and fun. So I immediately looked up the song and found it. It is off The Pretenders newest cd. I had wanted to put it on a cd for a while and I needed a peppy song to start the peppy portion of the cd. Have to show my love for Akron native Chrissy Hyde J

8. Fuck & Run- Liz Phair: I chose this song for two reasons. 1) It reminded me of the summer of 2008 when we last went to Key West. And 2) it went perfectly with number 7 on the cd.

9. Goonies Are Good Enough- Cyndi Lauper: I have decided that the Goonies is like my favorite movie ever. It’s such a cute movie. One summer morning when our friend Daniel was in town I had this particular Cyndi Lauper song stuck in my head and I was singing it. He said the song was called the “Goonies Are Good Enough” and I said the song was “Good Enough”… turns out he was right… in any case it’s catchy and I have had it in my head all summer long.

10. Honeymoon- The Muffs: This is another song that reminds me of the summer of 2008. We went to Key West and I used this song as my song on Myspace because we were going on our official honeymoon. It’s a good song and fit with this section so it was a natural choice. J

11. Malibu- Hole: This is a fantastic beach song. It reminds me of crashing waves.

12. California Girls- Katy Perry: This has of course been the summer song of 2010. The lyrics are dumb as hell, but this song is so catchy and fun that it had to go on the list. But for the record Ohio Girls are where it’s at 😉

13. Supabeat-Sweet 17: This is a fun workout song. This is what was happening when I heard the song. I wasn’t the one working out though J It was Spencer on Pretty Little Liars.

14. Give It Up To Me- Shakria: I have wanted this song on a cd for a while. I wanted to put another Shakria song on here instead. Called Gypsy, but it was already on one of my other cds so I decided to put it on this one.

15. Summer Boys- Lady Gaga: This was one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs from her first album “The Fame.”

16. Empire State of Mind- Jayz featuring A. Keys: This song was on the Sex in the City soundtrack, which came out this summer and additionally I swear this song was written for Lebron James and it kinda makes me laugh that, while yes he fucked over CLE he also fucked over NYC. And that’s worth a chuckle.

17. Hot Child in the City- Nick Gilder: First of all this song is awesome. But the reason I put it on the soundtrack is because it reminds me of that episode in Sex in the City where she starts dating the guy who owns the comic Book Store and it turns out that he never grew up and he is a pot smoker who lives with his parents… and then Carrie and he get high and start through fried chicken at each other…this is the closing song in that episode. It’s awesome.

18. August- Rilo Kiley: This seemed like a good song to bring our cd to a close. It’s called August, which is the end of summer. It brings the cd back to indie rock. Plus I wanted a Rilo Kiley song since I will be going to the Jenny & Johnny concert at HOB in September.

19. Beach Girls- The Sleigh Bells: This song reminds me of my weekly beach adventures with Lady Linzi…We love our beach time. It’s like a mini vacation. Plus this summer we went to see the Sleigh Bells play at the Grog shop. It was a fun concert. The music is different then most of the other stuff out there. Plus this song also has the sounds of seagulls in the background J

20. Time to Pretend- MGMT: As I am trapped behind this desk at work I am reminded of my favorite line in this song “Yeah, it’s overwhelming, but what else can we do?
Get jobs in offices, and wake up for the morning commute?” This song reminds me of all the times I was stuck behind this desk day dreaming of fun. Right now I am day dreaming about Key West… I will be there three weeks from today.

I leave you with a few pictures from the shores of Lake Erie…where I have been spending my thursday evenings forgeting the stresses of the world with the lovely Lady Linzi

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