cOnFeTtI fRiDaY: Week of June 19-25


Larchmere porchfest

 Cleaning my apartment

 Drinking Amanda Palmers

 The hipstamatic app on the iphone

 The first day or summer

 My sister in law in town

 Yummy resturants like Lopez, Melt, & Sarava

 my new B Complex 100 vitamins

 Looking at people fun crafts and getting inspired

Parnells Pub

USA’s win against Algeria. Fucking AMAZING! I cheered so loud that two days later I still don’t have a voice. Did I mention I cried tears of  joy.

My owl insense burner…one of the anniversary presents from the hub

 My 3 year anniversary to the Hub! I had a wonderful day with him on wednesday (soccer seems to be how we celebrate our anniversary. LOL) I love him very much.

 My cousins having babies left and right 🙂

 my nail polish combo ( Tokyo Doll and Cloud 9 by Sinful) Pink and Orange in honor of my anniversary.

 Biotantical Gardens and the butterfly release.

 My new dress I bought for 13 bucks fo my friend’s wedding in July.

 My new bathing suit that I probably didn’t need to buy but is REALLY cute!


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