cOnFeTti FrIdAy- Week of June 5-June11

This week I definately needed to relive the good and forget about the bad… This week started of awful with a capital “A.” The whole week I was in the worst mood and it seemed impossible to get out of…actually it seemed like I was hardly the only one…so here is a Confetti Friday to remind me that not everything sucked…

 Evil Dead on the big screen

 Dark Room at CPT- A place where local playwrights can go and have their work read. Very inspiring monthly workshop.

MR4 from Tommy’s-spinach pie with bananas, curry powder, seasame sauce, falafel YUM!!!

Made in the 216

Vanilla soy milk

Fun with felt- I have been very in to crafting with felt lately. I made some fun things like an ipod holder for Lady Linzi and my birth control pill case

 My new wallet!

 Parade the Circle

Burning River Roller Girls bout- Turns out that this will be the last one we get to see this season…I forgot that my friend Jennys wedding  is July 10th…I’m sad it will be the last of the season, but I’m also happy I will be seeing people from College I haven’t seen since last summer. Yay! Besides my loss maybe your gain… I see a give away in the future!

 The World Cup!!- I enjoyed seeing the England vs USA game at Parnells today even if it was sweltering outside 🙂


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