Skirting around the issue- Why it will be a skirt summer

What is a skirt summer you ask? Well basically I invented it as a way of dealing with my jean dilemma… What is my jean dilemma you ask? Well my favorite pair of jeans has a gigantic hole in the crouch…and are a tad bit tight…which makes me very less than happy…I did some very unenthusiastic jean shopping and yielded less than favorable results… So I took this huge problem opportunity to embrace another fashion favorite of mine. The skirt. So this blog post will uncover my essentials of a skirt summer…

Skirt Summer Essentials

1. A black cotton skirt. This will be my fall back skirt since it will go with everything. However the purpose of a skirt summer is not to fall into the same fashion rut I would be in if I wore jeans… which leads me to my other skirt summer essentials 🙂

2. Long hippie skirts. Summer is the time to embrace your inner hippie…to comune with nature. It’s about being bare foot and barely dressed. So it goes without saying that the hippie skirt is an essential skirt to own for a skirt summer.

3. retro & retro inspired skirts. A -line skirts with fun vintage/ vintage inspired fabrics lend a fun and flirty vibe. Also sometimes lends a bit of a sense of humor.

4. Handmade skirts.- I made a cute skirt a couple years ago I made a cute skirt. It’s one of my favorites and this summer I plan on making more. The benefit of making your own skirts is that you can customize it to you. Everything from fit to material and embellishments are in your control. This book is awesome and will come in handy if your interested in making your own skirts.

5. Jean skirt- Summer is an excellent opportunity to show off your shapely tan legs… I love the jean skirt and I recommend it… but only to those people with shapley and tan legs… I am hoping at some point this summer that that I fit into that category.

What are the perfect accessories for a skirt summer you ask? Glad you asked

1. toe rings- A good toe ring is hard to find, but I suggest you find one. They are nice addition to a good pedicure and will give you something special to glance down at in your flips or sandles 🙂

2. anklets- I am a major fan of the anklet. I have no other explanation than that.

3. knee bracelets- Otherwise known a “leglet” or a “kneelet”What is a knee bracelet? I came across this idea on I love this idea. It’s very gypsy-ish and kinda sexy. I made myself one. I like it a lot.

4. flip flops- We are well passed the day of rubber flip flops. Now a days you can find so many other fun types of flip flops that I consider them a fashion do so there!

5. China flats- I used to wear these when I was highschool all the time. The are flat and they with the little strap, they are like cloth mary janes. They really are flattering and a nice alternative to flips.

6. ankle sandles– A more dressy and fashion foward option is the ankle sandles… I used to think theses were ugly and honestly many versions of this type of sandal are ugly, but there a still a lot of versions that are super cute and will look nice with a skirt.

The bonus of a skirt summer is that it will encourage me to always shave my legs 🙂

Cheers to a flirty flouncy summer!

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