cOnFeTtI fRiDaY May 22- May 28

This was the longest week in the history of the world…but at the end of the road lies a three day weekend…. woohoo! This week we made the first street fair of the season and the first trip to Dairy King (the awesome seasonal ice cream place on Mayfield)…Combine that with the beautiful sunny high 70s to low 80 degree weather and you have the offical start of summer….regardless of what the calendar says…Here are some of the things that have made the start of summer fantastic…

My new bike

Bottomless mimosas

vanilla bean waffles with strawberry rhubarb compote

Hessler Street Fair

She& Him volume 2

Talking on Linzi’s back porch

The first trip to Dairy King… Chocolate soft serve with cherry dip…yum

owl earrings

planting seeds

Happy Hour at the Happy Dog

free shows at the Grog Shop

Vitamin water in Revive flavor

Cosmos at Bodega

Sex and the City 2

Tendercrisp sandwhiches

The Goonies


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