#KinkyInCLE Part two: A Fetish show virgin takes the plunge

I did it with my best friend, went to the 15th annual Organ Grinder’s Ball that is. After getting the skinny on the history of OGB from Amanda and Gemma  in #KinkyInCLE part one, my curiosity was definitely peaked and I was excited/ nervous as L and I made our way through the twisty turvy roads leading to the Flats. We arrived at Dream night club, parked our car conveniently across the street (thank god because my Steve Madden Mary Janes were already crushing my feet) and made our way through the crowd of half naked smokers outside the club. As we walked through the door we were handed the rules of the evening.  I rushed right over to the box office without a glance to give them our names, but L’s bug- eyed expression as she glanced down at the slip of paper was a sure indicator that the rules demanded my attention. The rules were as follows:

  1. No image taking devices
  2. No competitive flyers
  3. No penetration
  4. No masturbation
  5. No unconsentual groping…

L pondered out loud, “What did I get myself into?”… I think she was only half kidding.  As she entered the club, L said she felt like a tourist but as I looked around I was actually quite thrilled to see a wide array of different “types” of people and any uncertainty I had about whether I belonged there melted away.  We made our way to the front of the stage in great anticipation…


photo by Jeff Klaum

The show was broken down in to four sections. The first was Museum Heist, then Absinthe Dreams, Beauty Hurts, and Tarot of Fetish. The descriptions that Amanda had explained to me in KinkyInCLE# Part One totally interested me. Two of the sections really stood out as something I would enjoy. Absinthe Dreams because even though I find Absinthe to be less then yummy I still find it to be a fascinating drink and really wish I liked it… actually it’s the same way I feel about lobster. I hate lobster, but it always seems like something I should eat. I digress…The second section of interest was Tarot of Fetish because I am extremely interested in tarot cards.

As I expected the Absinthe Dreams section was great. One brave soul drank a half glass of hastily prepared Absinthe at center stage. I say brave because I have had Absinthe before and it can send shivers down your back and not necessarily in a refreshing way. The images of fair wings and green glitter, green tulle, bubble wrap, and green wigs were certainly a sight to behold, but my favorite part of the Absinthe Dream section was the melted green wax scene performed by Megan “Bedlam” Richards and Mister J. The scene pictured below took place stage left, which was a shame because it deserved to be front and center. Mister J dipped Bedlam back and slowly poured green wax down her chest, between her breasts, down her tummy, and down her leg. It was hot.

photo by Ted Pikturna

I’ve never been into bondage per say… a little recreational spankies, but that’s as far as I’ve ever gone. So I was surprised that I really enjoyed the Beauty Hurts section. There were many parts in this section caught my attention, but my favorite hands down was Ms. Kitty Blue of Ms. Kitty’s Closet aka Carolyn Sue Trappe. Compared to what I saw on stage the pictures don’t do it enough justice. As Ms. Kitty Blue came slinking down the run way I actually had some chills running down my back.  The black see through body suit was elegant and revealed enough skin to arouse interest but the strategically placed red gems hid the” rest”. The most striking element of the costume was the kitty mask. A black vinyl mask trimmed in red provided a wonderful mysterious element. Positively gorgeous.  If you dig the mask as much as I do you are in luck. Ms. Kitty Blue makes these masks and much more. She actually was the designer on many of the shows costumes and has her own Etsy store Ms. Kitty’s Closet.

photo by Jeff Klaum

photo by Jeff Klaum

L’s favorite was Franklyn. L’s exact words were “He was made for this.” I totally agree. Hopefully Franklyn, if you are reading this, you will take that as the complement is was meant as.  Franklyn was in many scenes through the show including the Absinthe Dream scene where he donned a gigantic green afro, but my favorite was his scene during Beauty Hurts. He played a bull (pictured below). A charging bull at that! Franklyn has the longest legs I have ever seen on a human being. Needless to say this 5’1” dwarf of a girl is kinda jealous, not gonna lie.

photo by Jeff Klaum

photo by Jeff Klaum

 While all of these performers mentioned were fantastic, the most thrilling part of the evening for me were the bits in between the scenes. Zafira Dance Company provide the between scene entertainment. Their costumes were a gorgeous mix of modern and vintage, like urban gypsies. Their concentrated sensual and flowing movements really inspired me. I wanted to run out and take lessons immediately. To me, these ladies and their belly dancing was far more erotic then any rhinestone covered strap on could ever be. Though I am not knocking the sparklie strap on… we all know how I love sparkles. It also affirms my belief that there isn’t anything you can’t bedazzle.

photo by Jeff Klaum

photo by Ted Pikturna

I want to thank all of the performers for an enjoyable evening of fetish entertainment and I want them all to know that even if they weren’t mentioned above, I commend them on their bravery…it takes a lot of guts to get up on the runway half naked, I don’t care who says different.

If you’re interested, and you should be, in seeing a fetish fashion show yourself…well you are in luck because on October 30, 2010,Fetish Playland will whip up more fetish entertainment at their Halloween show. Click the link for details!


25 thoughts on “#KinkyInCLE Part two: A Fetish show virgin takes the plunge

  1. Awesome write up – thanks! Glad you enjoyed the 15th Annual Organ Grinder’s Ball and helped get the word out!
    Halloween seems so far away – we all can’t wait until the next fetish playland party!!!

    • What happens at the Organ Grinder’s Ball stays at the Organ Grinder’s Ball ;)…

      actually they had offical photographers 🙂

  2. Great review. I’m glad you had a fabulous time at OGB. Thank you for your wonderful compliments on my kittysuit and other garments I designed for the show. The mask and costume I wore for that scene was designed by myself. If you would like to view other items on my online store you can go to http://www.mskittyscloset.etsy.com

    Thomas Kukich was also the designer for some other great leather masks that were seen on stage and at my vendor table. His work is at http://www.exilecrafts.etsy.com.

    Be sure to come out to the Halloween Fetish Playland and stop by our booth Lewd X Kitty to see what new items we have for your kinky pleasure.

  3. I had a great time too, cool to see a good write up on our “underground” in Cleveland… I hope to be a part of the future OGB action as well!

  4. Wonderful review. I’ve never been to such an event but your review makes it seem accessible and, dare I say, fun. Love the kitty mask, and the belly dancers are positively gorgeous. Thank you for this review, I will have to check out that event in October now!

  5. As always, OGB and everyone involved did a fantastic job this year. I think this year’s show was the best one yet. I never think the next year will be as good as the last, and I am always overjoyed to be proven wrong.

  6. Cleveland is lucky to have such a great fetish scene! Thanks for helping to spread the word. I am looking forward to the show in October 🙂

  7. Excellent Review! I’m glad you enjoyed the show so much. The wax scene was my favorite also. We had to practice that a few times at home before we got it right. We even have some supplies left over and might “practice” again soon!
    Next year should be even better as the groundswell of the underground continues to rise.

    Stay Kinky!


  8. It was our first time at the OGB, and it definitely wont be our last. It was an eye opener for both of us, something to be remembered for sure. Your review is a very accurate depiction of the experience. Lots of fun.

  9. Thank you so much for the fabulous review! I’m so glad you decided to pop your cherry with the cast of OGB. I hope we weren’t tooo gentle 😉 And on a personal note… I’m thrilled your article sports a picture of you between my legs! No wait! Literally! I’m the one being flogged in photo one where your head is circled. lol All joking aside though, I hope you had a wonderful time and we look forward to see you at future events.

    Megan Bedlam Richards

  10. Show was great! The tons of work before it went on showed through with an awesome performance done by all.. They get better and better each show!

  11. Thanks for the fabulous review! I can’t imagine my life without the fetish world, we are so lucky as Clevelanders to have an established and evolving underground and outspoken Fetish Scene! Normally I’m a voyeur, but Organ Grinder’s always brings out my “all eyes on me” Gemini side.

    Kinks are Us! (;

  12. Best show in Cleveland!!! I’m hot for OGB models!!! Can’t wait for next year. Awesome review, I enjoyed revisiting that experience:)

  13. I have been attending OGB since OGB2!!! Every year it is better and more exciting. Costumes are amazing, and the scenes continue to amaze me with their creativity.

  14. I enjoyed yer article/blog almost as much as you enjoyed us! I have had the fun of working with a great buncha horndogs for a few years now, and I have never been around more creative people! Amanda and Craig (may they never quit) are the most talented and don’t fail me each year. I think this was one of the best shows ever, but I’m biased. Love and whips! -Lisa

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