CoNfEtTi FrIdAy week of May 8th-May 14th

Happy Friday everyone! Only an hour and a half left of my day and then I’m outta the office and I can start my weekend… my weekend is going to fly by, but I’m still excited regardless. This week has been all about day dreaming and envisioning the future… I’ve managed to do a decent job of keeping my apartment clean, thanks to the hub and his daily dish washing 🙂 Here is a list of the things that made me smile…

Keeping my apartment clean

Snuggling with my kittie cats.

Skim Coffee Coolattas


People who go out of their way to incorporate you

Burning Rover Roller Girls

My black cotton skirt which has semi replaced my jeans for the moment

Birthday parties in downtown lofts

Paper flowers

naps on the couch next to the Hub



 Polyvore… and my summer collage  I made 🙂

 Sun Chips…Garden Salsa flavor

Robert Downey Jr.

 Applying for art admin jobs

Getting my bike from my mom’s house.

 The future

buying books…

Stay tunned this week… I will be finally writing more then just Confetti Fridays again. 🙂

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