CoNfEtTi FrIdAy

This picture really gets around… In the past two weeks it has been on at least two other peoples blogs ( The Danty Squid & A Beautiful Mess…but it’s just too cute!

Happy Friday! Actually in two minutes it will be Saturday, but whatev…

Here are the things that have made me happy in the past few weeks…

Being done with classes

Redecorating my apartment ( in my mind for now)

Hazelnut Wafer cookies

Sunday morning cuddling with the hub

Girl Scout cookie ice cream

Chinese food

Tarot card readings

Gallery openings

The vast array of hipster fashions…It’s actually quite  scary amusing to see people try so hard to look like they don’t try at all.

Hot Cha Cha

Dark green nail polish and lavender polish on my toes

Roadhouse…and Patrick Swayze’s ass… is it tacky to speak of the dead’s ass?… it was a nice ass.

The Real Housewives of New York… I have to admit I like reality tv…well not all of it…American Idol sucks. And I could do without Paris Hilton…I have no idea why I like to watch Real Housewives of NY, but it’s kind of fun to watch women gossip and argue among themselves…It’s comforting to know you don’t have that kind of toxicity in your own life.

Resuming mid-week dinner parties

Paper Mache

The feeling of accomplishment


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