Things I am looking forward to…

This coming weeks marks the last week of class for me…or at least the last week of homework. Thursday I will do my last presentation for Grad School. I am so excited to be done with school. I technically still have to start and write my thesis, but I wont have classes anymore. So hopefully I will have more time… Currently I have so much stuff bouncing around my head. Things I want to do, things I have to do, places I want to go, blogs I want to write, books I want to read… you get the idea… So I decided to avoid writing my last assignment to write this blog… maybe once I get down all the things I’m excited about I can focus on this damn paper.

1. The mega spring cleaning fest– Next week friday I am taking off of work and spending the entire weekend sorting, cleaning, and organizing my apartment. from top to bottom. I am preparing for a mini apartment make over which will take place over the next couple months. I have a lot of home decor craft projects I want to do and making sure my apartment is spotless is the first step.

2. Exercising again –I got a bike for christmas from my mom and I can’t wait to be able to go for a ride! My plan is to try to bike to work during the summer as much as I can. I also want to go back to doing my punk rock Pilates video and get a belly dancing video. I also want to get my rec pass so I can go swimming after work. I only got to go once last summer… I wont be letting  that happen again. no more excuses.

3. Seeing loved ones again- My dad has been in Florida for the past four months… the Cleveland Winter can be difficult and since last winter/spring was such a difficult time for him and my step mom they went to Florida this year. I miss them and I can’t wait to see them again. I’m also excited about Jimi’s sister Lisa coming again this summer to see us. We always have such fun when she comes. This summer we will also be hosting our nephew Michael… he is 12…or will be soon… and he is going to come to Cleveland by himself to stay with us for a few days. He loves rock n roll so I can’t wait to take him around to the rock hall. We will also be hosting my cousin Ed. He and Jimi get a long so well that it’s a little frightening. 🙂 I love showing off my city so this summer should be fun! Then in July my friend from college is getting married in Youngstown and my friend who lives in Arizona will be coming. I’m so excited to see everyone again.

4. The beach- Last year Linzi and I made to the beach a good number of times, but I hope we will get to go even more times this summer. We have a blast chatting in the water and laying out reading and chatting it up some more. It make not be the Ocean, but Lake Erie can be just as awesome.

5. Craftmania– As I mentioned before I am looking forward to some craft projects for the apartment… but it doesn’t end there. I’m super stoked about being able to craft in general and start-up my Etsy store. I also want to make stuff for a table at Ingenuity fest in September.

6. Performing- Now that I am done with school I will be able to audition again. So excited about this. I planning on doing readings at CPT’s Dark Room this summer and then hopefully I will be working in some pieces at Ingenuity Fest… if all works out… Then come August I will be auditioning my little heart out for everything I see.

7. Road trips & Other vacations I can’t wait to road trip. I’m hoping to get to go the property in Virginia, Pittsburgh ( to the Andy Warhol Museum), Athens Ohio to go back and see my old college stomping grounds :), and my hope is to go to Miami & Key West in August. Linzi hasn’t been to Key West yet and I feel it is a must!

8. Reading- I’m not a huge reader… I honestly hate that about me… My mother used to spend all day at the kitchen table reading… I can honestly say I’m jealous of that kind of passion towards reading. I will probably never be that dedicated, but with all my friends ( and husband) being advid readers I feel the need to step up my game. Right now I am planning on reading Neverwhere, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and On The Road… I’m sure my list will grow as the summer goes on, but that is my list so far.

9. Blogging- I have several blog ideas for this site… I need to finish my blog on the Organ Grinders Ball 15 which is a top priority once classes finish. But I also have a lot of other posts brewing in my head. I also want to start blogging on The B Movie Brigade started by the lovely Lady Linzi. Check out the posts by her and the Hub. I also plan to start a blog to help me write my one woman show. I figure I would write stories and then decided which ones should go in the one woman show and that way I can get feedback and be more proactive in the process. I also plan on starting a blog about things to do in Cleveland called “Cleveland Surprises: 365 things to do in the Greater Cleveland Area”

10. Dinner parties I love cooking for people and having people over, but while in school it is hard to find the time. One of my favorite dinner party guests, Lauren, has also been in school. We will be having a big old dinner party with lots of wine and Champagne once this semester is over.

There is so much more I’m excited for… its hard to believe there will be time for it all… but I will make it happen. One thing school has taught me is that I am capable of a lot more than I have thought before.

2 thoughts on “Things I am looking forward to…

  1. You can come to my house and have a mega spring cleaning fest. It needs it; I just don’t want to do it.

    btw Michael is going to be 13!! Can you believe that?

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