Confetti Friday March 27th-April 2nd

Dark Cherry Mocha

huevos ranchos wrap

My mani & pedi color combo (Apricot Pop  on my finger nails and Smoke& Mirrors on my toes

Getting an A on my midterm

Getting to see “Looking for Eric” at the Cleveland Internation Fil Fest

Free Champagne

going commando

Fetish fashion shows

Day dreaming about being done with school

Co-directing a show with the HUB

Drinks with friends

bar patios

my crocheted water bottle holder


vanilla almond Special K

Bacon bean soup

V8 juice

warm sunny days

driving with the windows down

2 thoughts on “Confetti Friday March 27th-April 2nd

  1. Couple questions. 🙂

    Dark cherry mocha. You dig it? I’m dying to try it iced.

    Belly dancing…do you do this? Where? I’ve been wondering if I should try.

    • Yeah I really liked the Dark Cherry Mocha…yummy! I bet iced would be super good.
      As for Belly Dancing… I really want to learn…after seeing the people do it at OGB15… of course they are a troop out of Pittsburgh… I’m sure Cleveland has something similar… if I find somewhere I will let ya know. 🙂

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