11 random & slightly impractical things I want

“Just living on a sunday morning. Got my toast and tea and I’m warm and I just thought I think about all the things to get and keep getting…” This lyric from the Letter’s To Cleo song  “Here and Now” pretty much sums me up at the moment… though I’m not drinking tea… I’m drinking coffee.

So as I drink my coffee and peanut butter toast I am compiling a list of 10 things I want really really bad, but which serve no real practical function… Regardless of their practicality I am in love with these items…

1. Heart shaped sequin pasties with tassles– I have wanted pasties for a while now. Partly due to the Burlesque interest and partly because I regard my boobs as one of my best feature 😉 In any case I saw these pasties and I think they are the bees knees. First of all they are sequined and secondly they are heart shaped and thirdly they have tassles.

2. Brass Knuckles– Not sure why I want these, but I have wanted a pair of these for a few years now. I have no idea what I would do with them considering I would never punch anyone, althought there are a few people I’d like to. In anycase I want them just the same.

3. Burning River Roller Girl’s Flask– Ok so this picture is not the Burning River Roller Girl Flask… but thats because their website is sold out. However, the actual flask looks similair to the one above except on the BRRG one has “Burning Rover Roller Girls” and a picture of Proud Mary carved on it… I’m getting it on April 3rd at the second bout. yay!

4. Pink Ukele– I saw a picture of a girl laying in the grass with a pink ukele beside her and I decided then and there I needed a pink ukele. Furthermore Amanda Palmer brought her ukele on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and they seem like fun.

5. Pink Mustache- Why do I want this? What’s that saying? Oh yeah, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can get this little gem at RedVelvetArt.com

6. A green penis chapstick holder- A few months ago a fellow Cleveland Blogger, Life, Liberty, And Pursuit of Your Boyfriend, had a contest too win one of these hysterical keychains. I want one in green so it can be a zombie penis chaptstick holder. yay zombie penis! 🙂

7. Skeleton Clip– I saw these clips like two years ago and have been dying to get my hands on them ever since (pun intended). They are made by Tattooed Zombie Accessories. They are the perfect balance of kitch and creepy.

8. Pink Ice Cream Lamp– It is no secret that I love pink. It is no secret that I love kitchy awesome things. So it should be of no surprise that I want this lamp. I know the exact place I’d put it. hint hint

9.  Zombie Foot loofah Soap– This nifty little zombie foot shaped bar of soap has a loofah in the middle of it. It’s just one of the kick ass products offered by Blood Bath via Etsy.

10. A set of Ceramic “We Are Happy To Serve You” Greek inspired New York to-go Coffee cups– You’ve seen these cups a million times I’m sure. Anytime a show takes place in New York (think Law & Order) they show people drinking to go coffee out of the disposable version of this cup. I found the ceramic version on Amazon.com, though they sell them at a bunch of different locations. I want 4 of these adorable cups. I would drink coffee all sunday long in them 🙂

11. Matryoska Doll Sewing kit– There is nothing impractical about a sewing kit that is for sure… but it maybe slightly impractical to have one shapped like a Matryoska Doll. I think that this kit is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Sadly it is sold out at ModCloth.com, but I’m on the list to be notified when it is back in stock. 🙂

So there you go… my list of 11 random and slightly impractical things that I want… My birthday was earlier this month… I’m just saying…


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