10 things I wanna be when I grow up

I have always wanted to be an actress. I was taking acting classes before I could read. I wanted nothing more to then to be famous. Over the years I have recited my oscar acceptance speech a million times. It has changed an equal amount of times. When I was in undergrad the head of the Theatre Performance program turned to all of us and said, ” If there is anything you’d rather do with your life. Then do that.” He was trying to get through to us that a life in the theatre is a difficult one. I told him that I had never wanted to anything else with my life. It is true that it is the one thing that has always been a constant aspect of who I am. But I would be lying if I said I never thought about other careers I would like do to.

 When I was little I would visit my grandmother in Florida ever spring break. Once, when I was 5 or 6, I recounted to my grandmother a story of when my father had taken me to the Circus. I told her all about how excited I was and how cool everything was and how I wanted to work in the circus when I got older.

” Do you want to be a trapeze artist?” she asked.

“nope” I replied.

“Do you want to be the ring master?”


“Do you want to be a clown?”


“Well what do you want to do in the Circus?” my grandmother asked

” I want to scoop up the elephant poop” I said with a satisfying grin.

Now it is important to know that my grandmother was always one to be supportive and would never laugh at a child no matter bizarre or shocking what they said may have been. She felt that laughing would cause a child to become embarrassed and therefore stop talking.

“Oh yeah? And why do you want to do that?” She asked.

” My dad says that’s where the big bucks are.” I responded.

See, when we had gone to the Circus I had asked my dad why the little midget men were scooping up the Elephant poop.

“Because they don’t want the other performers or animals to step in it.”

“But why are those people doing it.”

” Because that’s where the big bucks are.”

Moral of the story is watch what you say around your kids. 😉 Since then my desire to clean up animal poop for a living has fizzled out, but there are a few careers, that, maybe in another life, I would like to pursue…

1. Fashion designer– I love clothes. Ever since I was younger I have loved to sketch outfits. I am currently in love with Polyvore.com. I spend hours (when not in school) creating outfits with Polyvore. It’s like playing dolls but for adults. Some of my favorite shows are Project Runway and Kell on Earth. If I had the time I would make my own clothes…I have made a few things here or there. Someday I hope to make more.

2. Cosmetic namer– I think that this just might be the best job ever. I can’t believe it exists. The chick who names the nail polishes at OPI is named Suzie and I think I could do as good of a job if not better. I always buy  inexpensive drug store nail polish and I am always disappointed by the name. So I rename them. It’d be nice to get paid for it.

3. Burlesque Dancer– I am not most seductive person in the world. In fact I find the art of seduction to be a bit humorous. Which is sort of why I love Burlesque.  Yes it’s part seduction, but there is an aspect that is very tongue and cheek. Feathers, pasties, sassy songs and a little bump and grind. That is my kind of seduction.

4. DJ– Ok to be honest the major reason I have always wanted to be a DJ is because I like those huge head phones they wear… I love music and bringing it to others just seems like it would be a very fulfilling career.

5. Soundtrack advisor– I actually think my friend Linzi would be much better person for this job then I would, but regardless I think it would be a super fun job to create the soundtrack for movies. I have no idea if this is done by one lone person. My guess is that it’s a group of people who decide which songs go ona soundtrack, but I still think sitting around listening to music and finding awesome songs to put on soundtracks would be awesome.

6. Photographer– The hub recently got a Canon Rebel SLR digital camera… and I am in love! Whenever we go on walks and take pictures I end up stealing it from him. When I was in highschool I took a photography class and had to develope a roll of film in a dark room and develope pictures. It was hard and was not something I felt I was very good at. So I never pursued it further. Now that technology is getting more advanced, it’s more my cup of tea.

7. Truck Driver- I love driving. I always thought it would be fun to be a truck driver and be out on the open road, blasting tunes, up above the other cars. I know that the pay isn’t great and with the gas prices the business is not what it used to be, but when I saw the picture shown above… I thought to myself… a warm summer day, in a pink semi, hauling ass, and listening to tunes. Yup sign me up 😉

8. Homicide Detective I love “who done its” I would  watch reality murder shows all day long. My favorite is Snapped, but I am also a fan of City Confidential, Cold Case, and Murder by the Book. I also watch a lot of fictional murder shows like, The Closer, the Law & Orders, the CSIs, Castle, and my personal all time favorite Murder She Wrote. I am fascinated by murder, but what I love about murder mysteries is the puzzle. It seems like a thrilling challenge, but I think I will just stick to watching it on tv. 🙂

9. Funeral Director– The picture above is exactly why I would never do this job. It’s the same reason why I didn’t become a doctor. Body fluids creep me out. Cutting people (dead or alive) creeps me out. But I think it would be kinda cool to own a funeral home. I think they are super neato. They are big and spooky. I think it would be an honor to prepare people for their eternal resting place, but I would definitely leave the embalming and everything to someone else.

10. Piemaker-  Over the fall I fell in love with the show Pushing Daisies. I also fell in love with the idea of making yummy pie for a living. The Pie Hole just seemed like a colorful kick ass place to be. Plus it was called The Pie Hole.

Currently I work at a hospital. I don’t consider it a career. It is simply a job. Someday I hope to pursue a career in acting and arts adminstration. Until that day I will just daydream about my life that might have been. One of the draws of acting is that it is possible for me to be all these things at some point. As in “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv.” 😉

So What do you wanna be when you grow up?

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