cOnFeTti FrIdAy- Things I heart

Happy Friday everyone. We made it through another week. Pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate 🙂 I know I am…or I will be as soon as I am done blogging this…I gotta do something to keep the vening intereting as I work on my mid term. ick. In anycase here is my list of the things I .

Burning River Roller Girls

Luxe- kitchen & lounge

Brunch at the Beachland Tavern

Bellini champagne cocktails

Directing a show

Driving with the windows down the sunshining with the Hub.

Enjoying pints at Parnells

Enjoying good times with new friends

“Irish car bomb cupcakes” which I have changed the name of… they will now be known by the less offensive title of “Belfast Specials” thanks to Linzi.

Marina & the Diamonds

 Strawberry yogurt covered raisins

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