You give me fever…

When you are through changing, you are through.” – Bruce Barton

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for winter to be over. Don’t get me wrong I love winter. And it’s not the cold or snow that bothers me… it’s that last few weeks when the weather goes schitzo and we get these little teases of warmth and sunshine that drives me crazy because we all know the next day we will be back into our winter coats and the so on and so forth. It’s at this point that it hits you… You have been having the same boring routine for weeks or even months. You’ve been putting up with the bottoms of your jeans being wet and your boots being covered in dried salty crust. Your skin is dry and beaten by the winter air. Your cute hair cut is starting to grow out. You more than likely have given up on your New Years Resolutions. The excitement of the holidays is long gone. School seems like it will go one forever and you start to feel like a stale stuffy attic or a damp  moldy basement. You need freedom. You need change. You feel like you might just jump out of your skin and run down the hall screaming. You have SPRING FEVER!

Any of this sounding familiar? I have spring fever big time. I had been in a funk for a few weeks. This semester is kicking my ass… and since it’s the last semester I just keep wanting to be done. To never have homework again. Last week, I was sitting at work and I was looking at cars on-line… seeing what kind of car I want to get, when it becomes time for me to get a new car. Since my dream of a Prius is looking dangerously close to becoming a nightmare, in which I am flying down the road at 100 MPH towards a brick wall. So I was looking up cars and I started to realize how badly I wanted a new car. Then I realized it wasn’t the car. I just wanted something new! Anything different then what I had been experiencing everyday for the past few months. So I decided to make a list of some small changes that would be easy to change and fun enough to peek my interests. Here is what I plan to do for at least the next week.

1. Go to bed 30 minutes early, so I can wake up 30 minutes early and have a cup of coffee before I go to work– This one could be difficult because I am a roll out of bed at the last possible moment kinda girl. I’ve often dreamt of being the kinda girl who can pop outta bed and dilly dally around the apartment , grab a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. But alas I am a night owl and not and early bird. I figure I can try to change my ways for at least a week. If nothing else it will remind me that some routines are there because I like them and not because I’m stuck in a funk 🙂

2. Change my work make up routine– I have a specific way I do my make up for work. It’s neat and clean and not a lot of drama. I save my funkier make up looks for when I go out. But why? I’m stuck wearing my boring blue polyester wool blend uniform everyday single day… why should settle for boring make up? I went browsing the internet for some bright spring make up looks and I found some that would be perfect for work.

3. Wear the skirt option of my uniform– Speaking of my blue polyster wool blend uniform… I hate it. I’ve never liked the idea. I went to public school. I’m used to wearing whatever I feel like. Fashion, to me, is just another extension of ones personality. So when I’m forced to wear this god awful ugly thing day in and day out I get bummed out and bored. Since it’s been winter I have worn the pants option everyday… So in order to make some sort of switch I decided to wear the skirt option. Though I reserve the right to switch back if we have a snow storm.

4. Don’t use elevators– In the beginning of the year I would take the steps in the parking garage to get to my car. 5 flights of stairs. It was tough at first, but it got better over time. Then one day I was tired and cranky leaving work and I said… forget it I’m taking the elevator…and I’ve been taking it ever since. Starting today it’s stairs only… unless I’m in a place where stairs aren’t an option.

5. No fast food– I am so burned out on fast food, School has made me, unfortunately, over dependant upon fast food. I’m off the stuff for a month.

6. Take a walk during lunch– I’ve been so busy with work and school that my exercise has been lacking. I think a nice brisk walk around the building would be a nice way to get some extra exercise and relieve som stress.

7. Cooking a different meal every night that I have ever made before– I like cooking. unfortunately with school I can’t always cook dinner. So this week is Spring Break and I will be able to make something every night of the week. Since this is possible I wanted to add some new dishes to my repertoire. I can’t wait!

8. Dye my hair & get a trim– I changed me hair in January from long to short and from black to a reddish brown. I will never go back to black. I loved my black hair, but it is way too much work to get out. As we head into the middle of March, my cute hair cut is in desperate need of a trim and the reddish hair dye has seen better days. So tonight I dye it a golden medium brown. And by next weekend I will have my cute hair back 🙂

9. Clean out my car including my trunk The winter has destroyed the inside of my car. The floors are dirty and damp. The cup holders have spilled coffee. The dash-board has dust. And my trunk? Well it’s pack to top with stuff I was too lazy or too inconvenienced to bring in the house.

10. Have sex with my husband every night– I know what you’re thinking… What is this a TMI thursday? 🙂 I realize that with my busy schedule by the time I go to bed…all I want to do is sleep. I am constantly turning down my poor husband’s advances. The result is being called a “Quaker” from my husband and a “cold fish” by my best friend… With friends like those… 😉 in any case starting tonight I say yes.

And that’s what I have planned for this week. I wont beat my self up if I fail… That is not the point. The point is to stir the pot and get the creative juices following… Hopefully it works. Sometime soon I will be making more substantial changes,taking a real look at my life and flushing out some things that really need to change for good, but for now this should ruffle my feathers enough to help me make it through the month without running down the hall screaming sans skin.

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.”-Bertolt Brecht


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