CoNfEtTi FrIdAy: Things I heart.

We made it to the end of the week! It’s been a kookie week… I’ve felt very schitzo… I’ve gone from happy to sad to angry to laughing hysterically. This past week has been full of introspection, but not productive introspection where things get flushed out and conclusions reached… I feel like I am still struggling with a few things…but I’m taking steps to make changes… that is what this week has been about  finding what I want to change and finding ways of making the changes… We will see how well I succeed with that… in the meantime here is my list of things that have gotten me through the past few weeks <3

 My red velvet birthday cupcakes from Labella Cupcakes… to die for! You should donate to them so that they can have their cupcake shop. You will be repaid in yummy cupcakes 🙂

Shutter Island

The frozen lake

Lemon Ricotta pancakes

comfy orange hoodies

Pretty in Pink

 dressing up like it’s 1984

being married to the Prom King

Amanda Palmer

2010 spring makeup trends

the art of bullshitting

a clean kitchen

renaming nail polish colors

the smell of laundry

fashion blogs… like this one

 the first thaw (woohoo 70 degrees!)

conversations with strangers

hazelnut chocolates

iced coffee

Aldi’s food market 🙂

my birthday massage from LaShawn

 my three year extended warranty from Dell <– life saver!

Lola burger from B spot

This brownie recipe

 Pisces email conversations

making changes

Function: urban detox flavor

Queen Helene’s pomegranate & raspberry face scrub

 mac snack wraps


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