Confetti “Friday”- Who am I kidding I’m never on time!

Happy Saturday night everyone! I skipped the confetti friday last week and since I was actually out on a friday night last night I didn’t have a chance till now to post my Confetti Friday list. Not to mention the fact that my computer has been a real asshole lately and it keeps shutting down. I’m praying it will fix its self but I’m betting it wont. Anyway here goes my list of things that make me smile

 Mini heart travel pies-made will vodka crust

Yes, Virgina by The Dresden Dolls

Having my Tarot Cards read

Playing hookie from school

Live theatre

Mark Twain and his hysterical play “Is He Dead?”



Being asked to blog about & promote The 15th annual Organ Grinders Ball

Chicken potpie from scratch

Big Trouble in Little China

Brite Winter Festival… we didn’t get to go because the roads were really bad : ( but I <3 the idea

Bloggers on the Bridge

L.A. matte finish nail polish in “Clever” 

Milk Chocolate Pana Cotta with salted caramel & malted hazelnut shake from Amp 150. yum!

Blood Oranges

 White fluffy snow flakes


 Fist bumping our cat


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