“Always look on the bright side of life”

It must be how I was raised, but I always try to reflect on things positively, even when they don’t seem to have much positivity associated with them.  When I was younger I used to go to Florida with my dad and sister for Spring Break. My sister and I would always go home after a week because we needed to go back to school. One time, I had to have been like 8 or 9, my sister and I were delayed at the airport in Key West by the time we landed in Miami airport we didn’t have much time to get to our other flight. We hurried as fast as we could to the gate. I’ll never forget the look on the desk agent’s face when reached the desk and realized our plane had just taxied on to the runway. We wouldn’t be going home. I immediately freaked out. I may be able to reflect positively on negative circumstances after the fact, but when things don’t go the way I imagine them to, I tend, like most people to get upset. So here I was 8ish years old stuck in Miami, with no one but my 15 year old sister. I wanted my mommy. I wanted to be home. They put us up in a nearby hotel and provided shuttle service. I still wanted my mommy and I still wanted to be home. We called my mom to inform her and her reaction was totally typical of her. “It’s an adventure.” She was right. We were healthy, we were safe and things might not have been ideal, but they were manageable. Over the years I have learned to adopt my mother’s philosophy.  Things have a way of working out and everything happens for a reason.

This week was full of stressful moments. My positivity has definitely been tested, but I am choosing to use this blog to look at the bad and to make it good. Here we go:

The bad…

  • My car got towed.

I spent every waking hour (that I wasn’t at work) from last weekend to Thursday, working on my presentation for Public Budgeting. On Monday, the day that was supposed to be my “day off”, I worked on my project so long and hard that I forgot to move my car from the street before 3:30pm and got towed. I had to spend $245.00 dollars to get my car out or the impound.

On the bright side…

Up until Monday I never had my car towed before. I’m kind of happy that if it had to happen it happened the way it did. Within the hour I had my car back. My best friend came to my rescue and picked me up. I got money out. I went to the policy station. I had to pay $110 for the tow and 25 for the ticket. Then I was informed I had to pay the other $110 I owed in unpaid parking tickets. I went and got the extra money out, paid it all and then picked up my car. I now know what it’s like to be towed. I now know how to deal with the situation and because I paid my parking tickets now there is not a warrant out for my arrest.

 The bad…

  •  “Twitter fight” take two?

Apparently the hub and I created drama with our tweets this week,( I’ll pause for your laughter) when a couple of people misinterpreted us.  The hub posted the line “The truly lonely sit gorging themselves on what they believe to be wit but it really is just narcissism that’s staining their lap.” This is a line from a new poem he is working on. The line is a reference to him typing up his play and slowly realizing that it isn’t as great as he thought it was (His sentiment not mine). My comment was a totally flippant line reflecting my annoyance with people in my life who are overly cynical and jaded. Neither of these were directed at anyone specific…isn’t that what the @ feature is for?

 On the bright side…

My intention is not to start shit. People who really know me know that I like to avoid confrontation at all costs. That is not to say that I’ve never been in a fight with people. I have on occasion in my life fought with people. I have a sister after all. I know that I am not without fault. There was a part of me… a small part, but a part none the less that smiled with amusement when I found out my comments were taken out of context, but mostly I was annoyed. Suddenly I felt like I had to censor my thoughts and feelings because the littlest thing could be misinterpreted and blown out of proportion. Twitter should not involve too much thought. Seriously.  However the whole situation, as asinine as it is, has made me confront my fear of being misunderstood…A blog to follow soon.

The bad

  • My tire rim is bent…Thanks snow.

I was off to a friend’s house today. I hadn’t seen this friend in months and I promised her I’d go to her jewelry party, even though I had no desire to buy anything. I hopped in my car and drove down the road. As I was making a left hand turn I put on my brake and promptly slid into the curb. My hub cap went flying off and my tire rim is bent…

On the bright side

Accidents happen.  The lesson I keep learning is that fixing the things that go bad in your life is possible. How you approach the “bumps” in the road is a test of your character. Every problem is an opportunity for a solution. So tomorrow I will wake up and see if my mom’s boyfriend can fix it and if he can’t then I will take it to a garage to be repaired.  It could have been worse and I am celebrating the fact that it wasn’t.

The bad

  • The hub may be laid off…

Not much to say about this one. Another moron ran another store into the ground and the employees pay the price. This may or may not happen so that’s why comments are limited.

On the bright side

We have been through this before. At least we have a heads up this time. It’s time for a change anyway. Things will work out. The fact that I sincerely believe this is the good part.

Like I said it’s been a crazy week. I am glad it has come to an end…now I’m going to go crash in my bed and melt in the sheets like a puddle of goo

2 thoughts on ““Always look on the bright side of life”

  1. I envy your ability to look on the bright side. Studies have shown that optimists are generally happier than pessimists.

    My best friend usually has to point out the bright side of things when I start complaining.

    You said that it must be the way you were raised. Is your sister the same? Because my sister is an optimist, and I, sadly, am not (and jimi doesn’t seem to be.) It’s something that I need to work on.

    BTW I love your mom’s attitude – her joie de vivre.

    • My sister is not the same way, but my sister is not the type to reflect on the things that happen to her. My mom said something to me today that I thought was great. When I was recounting my week and told her I didn’t want to have to bring my car in for repairs because it was totally annoying she said ” This is life. Stuff happens and you have be able to rise to the occassion.” And it’s true. I mean if you’re not willing to deal with what life hands you then whats the point, right? You can deal with the circumstances with a frown on your face or a smile… I try to opt for the smile. Having wonderful family and friends makes it a lot easier. Looking on the brightside is definately a choice. I think it helps to believe that things happen for a reason.

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