30 more things to do this winter…

  1. Start a savings account- You don’t have to go crazy and save hundreds a month.  A little bit here a little bit there can add up. Some banks have it so you can set up a specific amount to be removed from your checking account and deposited to your savings account. Savings you don’t even have to think about.
  2. Throw a dinner party
  3. Watch episodes of Northern Exposure on DVD
  4. Have your very own snow day- Pick the worst, coldest, snowiest day of the season and call off of work. Watch your favorite shows snuggled on your couch with Hot Coco
  5. Go tobogganing
  6. Make a snow angel
  7. Go to a hockey game
  8. Make a snow man
  9. Get a full 8 hours of sleep
  10. Make a homemade body scrub try my orange ginger salt scrub
  11. Go to , PA to visit Phil- Come February 2nd, will there be 6 more weeks of winter? Go to Punxatawny and see the weather predicting ground-hog. Not able to travel? Rent Ground Hogs Day staring none other than Bill Murray. It’s the next best thing.
  12. Get a mid-winter pedicure- Just cause they are shoved in boots all winter doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty.
  13. Make a mixed tape cd
  14. Eat fast food alone in your car
  15. Clean your house naked
  16. Buy trashy lingerie
  17. Write a love letter to yourself
  18. Buy a LRD ( little red dress)
  19. Learn to say I love you in 10 different languages.
  20. Take a pole dancing class or a buy a strip tease workout DVD
  21.  Make homemade chocolates
  22. Make homemade Valentines
  23. Make a travel pie. BEST IDEA EVER!
  24. Become a pin-up girl- Dress up like a 1950’s pin up girl and get professional photos taken. Keep them for yourself whenever you need a self confidence pick me up or give them to your lover for Valentine’s day.
  25. Spend the day at the Art Museum
  26. Organize your cds by alphabetical order
  27. Learn the real story of St. Patrick- Believe it or not St. Patrick’s day is not about getting so wasted you wake up in a puddle of your own, or worse yet, someone else urine.  St .Patrick was responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. How that got twisted into drinking and acting like a moron I’ll never know.
  28. Enjoy a pint of Guinness- If you live in Cleveland, Parnell’s is by far the best place to grab a pint. It’s 100% Irish 365 days a year.
  29. Make Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes…or the more politically correct “Chocolate Whiskey & Guinness Cupcakes w/ Bailey’s frosting”… It doesn’t roll of the tongue the same way, but you are less likely to be punched in the face by angry Irishmen. 😉
  30. Watch the St. Patty’s day parade


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