Confetti Friday…on time!

Not many confetti items this week. It went so fast that I can hardly remember it. I’m happy it is friday. This week was my first week back to school. My anxiety over thesis has somewhat dissipated. Now if someone would clean my entire apartment I would be happy.

Ridiculously fun night at the Grog…even though it resulted in worst hangover ever!

Spending the day with my bestie…even though I was in hangover pain.

 my new owl make up bag that is really a pencil-case

Monday night tv

 People contacting me via twitter to tell me they ❤ my 2009 blog post. It was so unexpected and made my day.

 my new one piece long johns

my bestie being “upset” that the CLE Natural History museum is following me and not her on twitter. The best part was when I suggested that she tweet at them a few times she said she didn’t want to appear desperate. hahaha

not having to wear my uniform today

 leaving work early today

 my awesome Betsey Johnson purse I got at TJMaxx… I died and went to purse heaven at that place.

 Indian food FTW


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