Confetti Friday… almost on time… maybe next week

It’s friday everyone and you know what that means… Confetti Friday. This week went blissfully fast (thankfully). Here are the things that made me smile this week.

<3 my perfect brownie pan… it’s easy to clean and it’s fun to use

<3 My new apron- which took 4 days to make…

<3 going to bed at my new bed time (11:00pm)

<3 cooking dinner

<3 going to the Cavs game with The Hub and Lauren

<3 Pilates for Indie Rockers

<3 Oriental Trading Company catalog- remember these? I totally just got one randomly in the mail… fun

<3 my yummy chocolate chip bars

<3 Lady Gaga’s New CD Fame Monster… it is awesome! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m thinking it maybe be Monster

<3 My pink sequin messenger bag! I love it!

<3 the hub’s guest post at Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Your Boyfriend


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