Confetti Friday…late per usual


Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. I spent Friday, New Years Day, locked in my apartment (willingly) with The Hub watching Season one and most of season two of Northern Exposure, which I got from the in-laws for Xmas. So I apologize for the wait. Here it is the first Confetti “Friday” of 2010.

<3 My new owl mug

<3 margaritas at Mi Pueblo with the bestest of friendies

<3 having a drink with friends even if it’s brief.

<3 finding parking downtown right in front of  the bar.

<3 pretend online shopping

<3 Red Velvet cupcakes

<3 Twilight Zone Drinking Game

<3 pink sparklie bowler hat


<3 Pancakes at Tommy’s

<3 Supporting the Arts in Cleveland

<3 Spending the whole day watching Northern Exposure with The Hub

<3 my apron that I have been working on ALL damn weekend…. it will finish if it’s the last thing I do!


<3 wearing leg warmers to bed


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