The Candy Cane Mojito: Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker

The Candy Cane Mojito… I was first introduced to this delicious holiday treat two years ago at Winking Lizard. My friend Lauren and I had paused from our Christmas shopping frenzy to have lunch there. We saw the drink of the month ” Candy Cane Mojito” and our jaws dropped and we ordered immediately. I was disappointed beyond words when for the next two years this item was missing from their menu. I took matters into my own hands this year and created my own. There are two ways to make this drink. One is the hard way… making your own Mojito and then applying the factors that make it a “Candy Cane Mojito” Or there is the easy way… which I recommend since it tastes yummy and gets it in your glass faster. 🙂 I will include both recipes since I’m neurotic like that.

Candy Cane Mojito ( The Hard Way)


aprox. 12 Mint leaves

4 tablespoons white sugar

6 ounces white rum

6 tablespoons lime juice

4 tablespoons Pomma Liquor ( Pomegranate liquor)


4 mini candy canes

Instructions: In a  beverage shaker add mint leaves. Crush min leaves with a spoon. Add rum, sugar, lime juice, Pomma Liquor and ice. Shake and strain into a glass. I suggest martini glasses, but Mojito is usually served in a high ball glass. Add mini candy cane to garnish. Makes 4 servings.

The Candy Cane Mojito ( The easy way)

1 bottle of Daily’s Mojito drink mix (33.8 fl oz)

18 oz of white rum

4 oz Pomma Liquor

12 mini candy canes

Instructions: Pour Mojito mix, rum, and Pomma liquor into a pitcher. Stick in the refrigerator until it’s nice a cold. Pour into a glass (highball or martini glass). Garnish with a mini candy cane. Makes 12 servings. One serving for each of the 12 days of christmas 🙂

Drink up and enjoy. This drink is guaranteed to put you in the holly jolly christmas spirit!


xoxox- Kat

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