cOnFeTtI fRiDaY: Oct 3-Oct 10 (a day late)


<3 Meeting Neil Gaiman- He’s the type that 13-year-old Kat would have swooned for. I kinda have a crush…not gonna lie.

<3 Being “one of those couples” who read in bed together.

<3 Having Neil Gaimen “retweet” an Overhead in Ohio

<3 Going to bed early.

<3 Finding a new restaurant to add to our rep that is on the west side (Indian Garden FTW)

<3 Dancing like a fool to martini lounge music at Astound

<3 Trying to get the Hub and my bestie’s attention at Astound so they could see me dance and inadvertently getting the creepy comic book guys attention instead.

<3 Drinks with the folks from work. I may hate my job, but I like the people I work with.

<3 my cool new owl pillow ( the stuffing is made out of recycled pop bottles)

<3 Hard Candy metallic shadow stick in “celestine”

<3 making my first Pumpkin Pie of the season

<3 Making “Bitch Beef” Yum

<3 Hot Cider and Spiced rum : )

 Some of these things were from today, but since I was a day late  I thought I’d include them 🙂

what made you smile last week?



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