cOnFetTi FrIdAy Week of Sept. 26th-Oct.2


Thank gawd we made it to friday. It was a long week. Started off awesome but by thursday morning I was ready for it to be O.V.E.R. I haven’t written a blog in a few days, but I plan to remedy that soon. I have a blog in the works…So stay tuned. And now on to Confetti Friday.

<3 Crew Match- I missed our road trips to Columbus to see the Crew kick some soccer ass.

<3  Super productive mondays- I managed to clean my apartment, do laundry, make dinner and do 3/4 of my homework. Monday was awesome.

<3 Skins- The British really have the best shows. Skins is one of them.

<3 Chocolate Chip, Carmel, pecan cookies- This needs no explanation. One word. Yum!

<3 Rainy days- every morning it has been cold and rainy. While I don’t necessarily want this every day, I do love them from time to time.

<3 Lisa visiting- Found out my sister in-law is coming to visit. Can’t wait. It should be fun. Just sad I can’t take any time off work.

<3 My Etsy store- I am in the process of creating my Etsy store. NeverWear Accessories. All profits will go in my savings and maybe someday I can put a down payment on a house….There will be a bouncy castle in the back yard for the house-warming party so if you want to play in the bouncy castle I suggest you purchase stuff 🙂

<3 The Cuban Pizza from Deweys- A cuban sandwich in pizza form? Brilliant! Sharing it with your best friend? Double Brilliant!

<3 The new Michael Moore movie ” Capitalism: A Love Story- Actually this movie didn’t really make me smile too much… It made me incredibly mad at the world, but it was good and there were definitely moments that made me laugh. I was so excited that the Hastily Made Cleveland tourism video was in it! awesome!

<3 Live Theatre- I love seeing live theatre. It can be so inspiring.

<3 Rimmel nail polish in Red Carpet- pretty color. Bold and bright. and it dries in 60 seconds. rad!

<3 Sleep- I like sleep. I should do more of it… I think I’m going to indulge now.

<3 The reprise of the Bavarian warm candied nuts- Like Linzi said ” I’m so happy they have these here.” (referring to Cedar Lee)

Cheers my dears.


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