cOnFeTti FrIdAy: September 12th-18th


So as you may remember this year has not been the best for me. And lately there seems to be one Crap Fest after another for me and those around me. In fact the other day as the hub was writing his Thankful Thursday blog he turned to me and said “I don’t know what to say I’m thankful for.” He’s not the only one. The same thought passed through my head too, but then I thought on what inspired me to do Confetti Fridays in the first place. It was a song. From the Sound of Music. Maria, played by Julia Andrews, sings to the Von Trapp kids, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things.” Then continues by saying, “When the dog bites, when the bee stings when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.” And it dawned on me. The point of Confetti Friday is not to simply write down what made me smiles through the week. The point is to remember those things in order to help me through the bad days. No one ever remembers the little things. Our weeks are usually determined to be good or bad based strictly on the worst part of it. And let me tell you, this week the dog bit and the bee stung! It is during these hard times that it is essential for us to remember the small things that make us happy. There are two reasons for this. One, it’s the small things that help us get through our day and two, there are WAY more small good things then there are big bad things in our lives, we just have to look hard. So keeping that in mind I bring you the third installment on Confetti Fridays.


The Hub- I know I mentioned him last week, but he has been true blue to me this week. At my darkest moments he picks me up and dusts me off and when I make over dramatic emo statements he points out how ridiculous I am being. He’s my hero.

Summer 08 072

My best friendie- We have been friends for OVER 20 years. She never lets me take myself too seriously and THANK GAWD FOR THAT! This week she listened as I complained. She stuck up for me (I think she said ridiculous and crazy a million times this week. Ha!) And she gushed over her new man, M, which tickled me pink! What can I say I’m a girl.

My mommy- Talking to her always makes me feel better, but this week her comment “maybe she missed a dose of her medication” while keeping her cool collected mom tone was priceless.

Chalkfest- The most awesome idea ever! The Cleveland Art Museum sells squares of sidewalk and boxes of chalk and you create art. It is based on the I Madonnari tradition. Never year I am buying a square and totally doing one.

Multi-vitamins- Ok so a few years ago I was all depressed and I started taking vitamins and I seemed to snap out of my depression, but I never really made a connection. Flash to this year, I had stopped taking vitamins because I’m plan lazy and my depression returns. So I started taking them again and I the first night I caught myself singing in the shower. Now I have been known to sing in the shower without the help of vitamins, but this time there were dance moves. I’m still testing this theory though because I have been watching Glee and singing and dancing in the shower may be a side effect.

Cinnamon glazed pecans- More specifically warm Bavarian cinnamon glazed pecans….drool

Dewey’ s house salad with chicken- Perfect amount of food. It was a lovely solo dinner on lee road before the bargain movie. Can’t wait for next week.

True Blood- This how feeds my need for anticipation and ends with cliff hangers that make you beg for more. LOVE it.

Glee- What a cute show! And bonus? It takes place in Ohio.

Chinese food- There is nothing better than eating Chinese food on a Saturday night while watching TV and making crafts. I think it may be heaven.

The Beatles- They seemed to appear several times this week. But most importantly I bought a copy of Abbey Road on Wednesday before school because I felt the need to listen to it and I gravitated most to Here Comes the Sun and Carry That Weight. Oh and Octopus’ Garden.

My new cup from Phoenix Coffee- it has a cute little guy on it with a mohawk and it reads “Easily stirred up” it was $3.00, but really its priceless!


Zombie finger puppets- This needs no further explantion.

Tuesday’s cancelled class- I LOVE my marketing class, but I was happy I could stay home on Tuesday and watch TV and write my blog.

And now I leave you with a friendly reminder.

cheer up emo

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