Sunday Sundae part deux

Bonjour my little confections. I’m serving up seven yummy scoops of internet deliciousness with a cherry on top! Bon Appetit.

First scoop… HULU… It allowed me to watch the pilot of Glee and it will feed my addiction on True Blood. It’s my damn hero as far as I’m concerned.


Second scoop is EFT… it’s like a needle free acupunture


Third scoop is Jared Gold… Betesy Johnson, Marc Jacobs…. they are both great, but Jared Gold is the renegade of fashion and he is fantastic.


Fourth scoop is sublime sticthing… Not your gramama’s embroidery…


Fifth scoop…It’s wikipedia + fashion = Wikifashion… Style icons, models, designers, trends, magazines, etc etc etc… If it’s fashion it’s here. Have something to add? They welcome contributers.


Sixth scoop is Drunk History! People get drunk and recount famous historic events…and then it’s reenacted by famous people… priceless!


Seventh scoop is Drunk Texts from Last… They make you laugh… but even better then that is they make you feel LOADS better about yourself… unless you find some of your drunk texts in there… in that case… YIKES!


and the cherry on top…

just saw this movie and it’s genius


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