Sunday Sundae

A scoop of internet deliciousness with a cherry on top…

Click on the images below for the link.

Lookbook is a fantastic website full of inspiring images of fashion.

If you do nothing else from this blog, please click on this link. HYSTERICAL. It is a voicemail mesage from the biggest douche bag on the planet. There isn’t much more to say… it kinda speaks for itself.

This guys website is pretty cool. Very informative. I reccommend the article on Living Consciously.
I’m in love with japanese fashion. Check out this site it is PACKED with japanese street fashion. Click it and get inspired.

If you haven’t heard of Gala Darling, I suggest you click on her face immediately. Clever blogging and cute as a button to boot.
SoulGarden.TV is a niffty daily horoscope. Super niffty content and, as if you needed ANOTHER social networking site,they have a community you can join where you can create profiles and chat about astrology.
The Vamp is a new dildo that you can put in the refriderator in order to experience the sensations of “making love” to a vampire! The most amusing part? Is the fact that it sparkles. A Twilight dildo? Totally lame….but as far as dildos go… it’s kinda cute..
the vamp

Cherry on the top.

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