confetti friday

“For myself, I am an optimist- it does not seem much use being anything else.” Sir Winston Churchill

These are the things that, recently, made me smile…




<3  Lookbook

 <3 Gala Darling

 <3 finally getting on Twitter

<3 Green Lantern Pizza @ Deweys- yum!

<3 No Admin. for a WHOLE WEEK!

<3 Pretend online shopping

<3 the I.T. Crowd- British TV rocks my proverbial socks!

<3 Glitzy water pistols

Glitzy Water Pistol 4

<3 1/2 price margaritas at Mi Pueblos

<3  discovering the joys of Flickr

<3 Bargain Mondays @ Cedar Lee

<3 Joseph Gordon Levit

<3 Zooey Deschanel

<3 “Shocker” Nail polish by Rimmel

<3 FINALLY paying off my David’s Bridal Credit Card ( just celebrated my second year anniversary in June!)

<3 Green Earl Grey tea…hot

<3 losing two pounds

<3 my internship at Cleveland Public Theatre set for October!

<3 my messy magazine blog post!

<3 The Smiths

<3 free massages from Boom

<3 Living Consciously



Random current facts about me:

Which CD is in my player?: It’s Not Me, It’s You- Lily Allen

Mood: Somewhere between proud and exhausted!

Tummy contents: Pork fried rice, vitamin water, and doxycycline

Watching: La Ink

Wearing: Purple gypsy skirt and dark blue t shirt


peace out my little confections!

xoxox- kittie kat

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